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At SP Media Group, we take your campaign as seriously as you do.

Unmatched service. At SP, you’ll only work with Partners.


Message Expertise

Decades of experience for spot on messaging

Ad Production

Cutting edge creativity for TV and digital spots

Media Plan

Placing your ads for maximum impact with targeted audiences

Media Training

Prepping you for debates and media encounters


Ken Snyder

Founding partner

After a fifteen-year run of managing winning campaigns across the country, Ken Snyder formed SP Media Group in 2004. Ken’s success in winning upset victories was due to his model of taking on a limited number of races and going all-in with cutting-edge creative and strategic guidance.

Terrie Pickerill

Founding partner

Prior to forming SP, Terrie worked as Senior Vice President for David Axelrod and Associates for 13 years and served the Chief Producer for President Obama’s campaign in 2008. Terrie grew up in a working-class family near St. Louis and her father was a union bricklayer.


We create Digital and TV ads that cut through the clutter.

Green Hope

Josh Green for Governor 2022 TV ad.

Wild Chip

Susan Wild for Congress 2022.

Duckworth Validator

Tammy Duckworth for U.S. Senate 2022 TV ad.

Ducks Fly

Tammy Duckworth for U.S. Senate 2022 digital ad.


From first time candidates to seasoned pros, issue campaigns and ballot initiatives, SP knows the way to win.

SP provided me with incredible personal attention. Their ads were not only highly effective and humanizing, but the debate prep and great strategic guidance I received from them were tremendously important to my success.
Tammy Duckworth,
U.S. Senator

I was a big underdog but SP treated my campaign like it was important to them. Without SP guidance, my upset victory would have been much less likely.
Monique Worrell,
State Attorney, Orlando, Florida

Terrie is a gifted strategist and ad maker. I can attest to this because for more than a decade, she was an integral member of my own media team.
David Axelrod,
Founding Partner, Axelrod & Associates

Ken is one of the best I’ve ever met when it comes to developing and executing winning campaign strategies…when it comes to working with media, there are few I would trust more.
Ed Rendell,
Former PA Governor

Ken and Terrie were instrumental in helping me change the racial math of past Philly Mayoral elections. Their strategy and messaging was spot on.
Jim Kenney,
Mayor of Philadelphia


SP. All in and ready to get to work for you.

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