Ken Snyder is a founding partner of Snyder Pickerill Media Group

Ken Snyder

“Ken is one of the best I’ve ever met when it comes to developing and executing winning campaign strategies…when it comes to working with media, there are few I would trust more.”

Ed Rendell, Former Governor of Pennsylvania and Former Chairman of the DNC

After spending nearly fifteen years managing campaigns ranging from U.S. Senate and Gubernatorial races to big city Mayoral and County Executive races, Ken launched his own media firm in 2004. Ken is known for his intense commitment to clients, and for his creative ad making that has helped dozens of candidates score stunning victories.

Ken’s “on-the-ground” experience of working with reporters and running campaigns gives his candidates a value beyond paid advertising. His practical experience helps campaigns plan budgets, earn free media and meet their overall goals and objectives. His philosophy is simple: the big ad firms take on too many races and frequently take too many of them for granted, resulting in a boring cookie cutter approach. Ken and SP Media’s outside the beltway approach takes the time to make each campaign unique – tailored to individual districts, states and candidate personalities.