SP's Clients

Mayor Jim Kenney

“A Super PAC supporting my opponent spent eight million dollars, but we came from behind to win with a great coalition and over fifty percent of the vote in five-way field. SP Media was deeply involved in virtually every aspect of the campaign. Their advertising campaign was pitch perfect.”

Mayor Megan Barry

“Several of my opponents were self-funders and were on the air running ads very early. I succeeded in part because SP created a TV plan that enabled me to get up on the air early with spots that really connected with voters. They were not just my media consultants, but friends.”

Congressman Mark Takai

Mark Takai faced a crowded primary field and a former congressman in the General Election. A competitive governor's race dominated the airwaves, but creative ads that broke through with voters helped elect him to Congress.

President Barack Obama

Terrie produced Barack Obama's 2008 Super Bowl commercial.

Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle

“I knew I was a long shot. It was important to me as the candidate who was probably the least known of the four to get the newspaper endorsements. They provided a lot of preparation and it was very very helpful. . . but I think the effective ads done by Snyder Pickerill really carried the day. Injecting some humor into the ads was very helpful.”

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter

“I loved working with Snyder Pickerill.”

State Treasurer Mike Frerichs

“Anywhere I go around Illinois, voters still come up to me to praise the ad that Snyder Pickerill produced for me.”

Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack

“I was basically unknown outside my State Senate District, but SP Media helped change that in a hurry. I came from single digits to win my campaign because SP Media’s ads really cut through the clutter of advertising that was happening - not just in my race but other races in which millions of dollars were being spent at the same time.”

Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty

“Lots of people outside our campaign questioned whether we could win a Primary Election, much less a General Election, but we came in first place in multicandidate fields both times. The positive feedback I got on SP’s ads from all over the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was overwhelming.”